Ava- Hydrops Survivor

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Beach photo credits: Trisha Harris Photography

Ava's Story-Told by Her Parents, David Brame and Katrina Langley

Baby Ava Story…

We "met" Ava when she was in her mother's belly. She was diagnosed with fetal hydrops around 26 weeks and underwent fetal surgery, where she received a blood transfusion in utero. Ava's story is not short of a miracle, and most medical textbooks would say she shouldn't be here. Ava was born in July 2015 and has fought very hard for her little life so far– she has overcome illness, physical and mental delays, and has one of the biggest and sweetest personalities you could imagine.  Ava is our superhero, our face of HOPE, and the reason we continue to fight for all babies with a negative fetal abnormality.

The Brianna Marie Foundation serves as an avenue to bridge patients with fetal surgeons, personally guide and support parents during the process of diagnosis (we do not have medical degrees, but sometimes personal experience is more relevant), and be a support and friend during the time of loss.