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My Journey With an Angel, by Aran Hissam

Aran and Patrick found out that they were expecting baby number 3 back in August 2011. While Aran was openly hoping for a baby girl (already the mother to two little boys) to spoil in her favorite color, PINK, all they prayed for was a healthy addition to their already precious family of four. Aran's pregnancy seemed to be going perfectly. On November 22, Aran and Patrick were given the heartbreaking news that their baby had a fatal illness called Fetal Hydrops, and the chance of survival was dismal. With little information and heavy hearts, Aran and Patrick knew that it was time to start fighting for their baby. Reading this book, you will discover a remarkable journey about a mother's fight for her child's life. It is a story about unconditional love for an unborn child, ongoing support from friends and family, and faith and hope in God that gave them the strength to make it through unimaginable times. Sometimes, when we think about our lives, we take the "little things" for granted. We don't always appreciate all life has in store for us until we are faced with tragedy. The tragedy they encountered led Aran to write "My Journey with an Angel."